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Tiruchirappalli situated on the bank of river Cauvery which is the fourth biggest city in Tamil Nadu was originally a Chola citadel. Trichy is the major centre of ancient temples and it lies in the southern part of India with rich cultural heritages. The river Cauvery and Kollidam flows in trichy flourishing the country. It is a city of multi-culture with Tamil, English, Marathi, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam speaking people. It is main engineering hub of India connecting various parts of Tamilnadu. Trichy is an important place for tourism and has a fine blend of temples and monuments including Sri Rangam, Rock Fort, Samayapuram, Thiruvanai Kovil etc.
It is the best suited place for people of all ages. Mukkombu is located at a distance of 18 Km away from trichy. It is place filled with pleasure and happiness with amusement parks, Sports and Fishing facilities etc.
The KALLANAI DAM is one of the oldest dams built by the Chola King Karikalan before 2000 years. It was constructed mainly to divert the water from Cauvery River for irrigation which stands as a model for most of the modern dams due to its strong engineering structure. This dam stand as a huge mass of 329 meters (1,080 feet) long and 20 meters (60 feet) wide, across the main stream of the Cauvery.
Puliyancholai is situated at a distance of 72 km away from trichy at the foothill of kollimalai. Because of its cool climate and its greenish surrounding filled with trees, herbs and shrubs it attracts people from all over the country. The streams that flow in Puliyancholai have medicinal qualities in it. It also has a falls called the Akaya Gangai where people gather to worship the water God.
Kodaikanal is known as the princess of hill stations located just 194 Km away from trichy at a altitude of 2133m. Here the climate does not very much between summer and winter. A variety of flowers grow here including the Kurunji flower which blooms once in 12 years. Due to these reasons it attracts a lot of vacationers towards it.
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